Organic Livity aims to treat you in alternative manners by empowering youths, individuals and communities to be responsible of their own health. All our products are handcrafted, organic, vegan friendly and gluten free with options suitable for diets, such as: raw, sugar free, nut free and soy free (We strictly avoid the consumption of wheat, barley, rye and oat ) . We give you the experience of a succulent taste in every mouthful.



Organic Livity is London‘s premier Vegan organic Pâtisserie purveyor of healthy gourmet cuisine. We are particularly focused on organic living foods (raw), vegan, alternative diet including free from wheat, gluten, sugar, sweetener, dairy, soy, GMO & MSG products.

Our artisan Chefs use Love as our main ingredient to delight your taste buds only with organic products and then handcraft them to delectable chef d’oeuvre.

We collaborate with everyone, those so-called paleo, meat eaters, raw foodists or specific diet, by doing our best to provide healthy and sustainable food options with a distinct flavour that respects Earth’s natural resources.

Our Holistic nutritional lifestyle works when we approach life from all aspects of being physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. Living foods have proven themselves to be dynamic helpers in the healing of many chronic diseases; these include diabetes, migraine, asthma, joint pain, fibromyalgia, allergy, colitis, depression, anxiety, cancer … We believe there are so many benefits by eating living foods; that’s another reason we freshly prepare them to preserve nutrients and enzymes vital to our well-being. Also, it is the most delicious way to loose weight without guilt.

Food as medicine - that crucial reason brings us to support quality life and using superfood, minerals, vortex water and biodynamic farming .

At Organic Livity, weare dedicated to sharing our knowledge and help people to enjoy radiant living by bringing innovative ways to improve the health of our community – locally, nationally and internationally! A portion of our sales always goes back into these types of outreach opportunities and we offer our time to encourage charities to thrive. We invite you to participate with us.

*Each cake is designed in order to your choice from our list or customized according to your specific needs.


About the Chef :

Sidney - Founder

Sidney - Founder




Sidney “Master Chef”

A Kalinago deep-rooted to live foods and vegan, Sidney prepares beautifully served multicourse and especially raw French Pâtisserie . Simply inspired by nature he combines culture and spices to create exquisite gourmet dishes.

Fascinated by his ancestors and the Universe from a very young age, Sidney sought an uplifting sustainable living . His journey started in his dad's small farm and had as first mission to understand fundamental values of food from and through the root. Farming coconut trees was one of them, a dexterity that you have to master over 6 years to see the first fruit flourishing.

“By acquiring fundamentals, I could easily make decisions, differences and quality choices within acre, fresh or tasteless. I believe that I was born as part of the nature continuity.”

Martinique “Island of Flowers” a French archipelago in the West Indies where he was born and raised by his mother - Gourmet Chef, with an ancestral food lineage. Beside her, Sidney learned how to use and improve his palate from Arawak spices to Africa vegetable. This thought led him not to culinary school at first, but to Renewable Energy University in Paris. Once achieved, his culinary curiosity kicked back and he decided to combine those two experiences in an unexpected voyage in London's raw food gastronomy.

“Here, I met someone with a deep food knowledge that as inspired every London raw food business.  “Khi” from Rainforest creations, a pioneer in the raw foodism society and with him I learnt how to polish each creativity to the finest product including superfoods, essential minerals and nutriments that our body requires. We all need to recognize the huge damage we are doing to ourselves, spending on big brands investing time, health and money in bland products."

Sidney’s mission is to encourage everyone to be objective; considering the source and conveyance of the food that is going in a divine body by supporting communities, charities and schools. That distinction is shown in each finger licking treat.

 Pure goodness ...

“As African of the diaspora, organic is what I’ve been taught through my personal legend for the benefit of our bien- être and each day brings a new adventure “