Organic Livity is London‘s premier organic Pâtisserie purveyor of healthy gourmet creations. We are particularly focused on organic living foods (raw), plant-based (vegan), free from wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, GMO & MSG products.

Most importantly, all our raw patisseries are free from sugars, honey, refined and unrefined sugar, what make us unique - This is where all the beauty and meaning of raw food takes form.


Our artisan Chefs use Love as our main ingredient to delight your taste buds only with the finest product and then handcraft them to delectable chef d’oeuvre.

We collaborate with everyone, those so-called paleo, meat eaters, raw foodists or specific diet, and doing our best to offer healthy and sustainable food with a distinct flavour that respects Earth’s natural resources.

Our Holistic nutritional lifestyle works when we approach life from all aspects of being physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.  Plant-based Living foods have proven themselves to be dynamic helpers in the healing of many chronic diseases; these include diabetes, migraine, asthma, joint pain, fibromyalgia, allergy, colitis, depression, anxiety, cancer … We believe there are so many benefits by eating living foods; that’s another reason we freshly prepare them to preserve nutrients and enzymes vital to our well-being. Also, it is the most delicious way to loose weight without guilt.

Food as medicine - that crucial reason brings us to support quality life and using superfood, minerals, vortex water and biodynamic farming .

At Organic Livity, we are dedicated to share our knowledge and help people to enjoy radiant living by bringing innovative ways to improve the health of our community – locally, nationally and internationally! A portion of our sales always goes back into these types of outreach opportunities and we offer our time to encourage charities to thrive. We invite you to participate with us.

*Each cake is bespoke in order to your choice from our list or customized according to your specific needs.