Our Mission..

Organic livity is a small but rapidly flourishing vegan patisserie. We are committed to delighting your taste buds and nourishing your body - supporting positive, ethical, sustainable industries in the process. All our products are handcrafted with only the finest ingredients that are always completely organic, packed full of nutrients and minerals,bursting with flavour, and free from animal products, sugar, chemicals and additives.

The company was founded by in 2013 by Sidney and Kristelle - a young couple from Martinique who continue to be inspired by nature and the wonderful ingredients found within it and motivated by their beautiful children. Before transitioning to Vegan Sidney worked as a classical chef. Working with meat and dairy began to trouble him so he left his position, instead seeking work in a Vegan kitchen. Here, as a result of the countless ‘compliments to the chef’ he received for his cakes, Sidney started to focus on vegan baking - but he still felt there was something missing in his recipes. Drawing together his knowledge of french patisserie and inspiration from the fruits of the earth he began to create incredible recipes that combine the delicacy of patisserie with a celebration of natures finest ingredients, in their raw unprocessed state. It was through this unison that Organic Livity was born.

Since we started we have been driven by the support of our customers and the community in London where we are based. We are learning and developing every step of the way and our innovative chefs continue to explore exiting new recipes to join your favourite Organic Livity products. As we continue to grow, our commitments, values and ethos to remain the same..

Our Ethos…

Organic Livity is dedicated to making our contribution towards a more just, sustainable and ethical world and webelieve that we can live and work in greater harmony with our planet by encouraging a diet that supports our bodies, our communities and our environment.

Though we are a small business our outreach is wide; we are responsible not only to our customers but also to the global community we work with and within, and to the planet earth that we all call home. With this always in mind, our approach is a holistic one; we choose ingredients and products from small and independent companies and only support ethical, sustainable industries. We never buy from or support multi national corporations or destructive, exploitative industry and we only use ingredients that support your body and our planet.

The small group of multinational conglomerates that currently dominate farming, production and trade in the food industry - are driven purely by capital, at the expense of the wellbeing of our communities, our environment, our species and our planet. Animal agriculture is single most destructive industry facing the planet today. It is neither a sustainable, healthy or necessary way to feed and nourish the world; by example, it the key driver in climate change and primary contributor towards cancers - but you can read more about this in our core values..

Because of the negative impact that dairy, eggs and sugar have on our bodies and our planet, we enjoy challenging the idea that tasty treats require any of these harmful products! We truly believe in the important and age-old union of nutritious and delicious food and we marry these together in every single one of our products. In fact, we have found that the best flavours are found in the fruits, nuts, superfoods and spices that are also essential for a healthy and happy body. So, at Organic Livity all of our recipes use a creative and exiting combination of natural ingredients - and nothing else.