Cannabis Fine Dining, the finest.


100% organic. plant-based. gluten-free


.Selected Flowers paired with the our famous Cannabis Liquor “Crème de la Crème” crafted by Sidney Marton


.Plant-based haute cuisine crafted by Sidney Marton


.Organic wines & fine Cheeses


.High quality terpenes derived from Cannabis flowers


.Cannabis infused from our selected flowers processed from buds to final product in our Lab-House


.Indigenous knowledge


.Q & A




Fusing these concepts with innovative and modern techniques, Sidney's events offer an unique atmosphere, an opportunity to explore senses, nature, international & Ital (ancient) cuisine, diverse cultures and History of Rasta lifestyle, spirituality and its surroundings, through a contemporary fine dining experience. A night where knowledge of food, sacred plants, subconscious energies and medicines are shared in the great comfort, a little heaven.


Each plating are constituated with organic high quality ingredients and clean cannabis flowers so as to maintain the quality and the level of excellence therefore, each craft takes time, sourcing, dish-developing, and problem solving.

Focused on unique plant-based dishes, each plate has its own story and the full concept is simply in symbiose with our Universe’s law. This is clearly a different approach that will blow your mind with an incredible taste.


Free from wheat, gluten, soy, MSG and chemicals.



*- Non contractual pictures - By definition, all our creations are unique. They are handcrafted one by one in our kitchen. Design of the cakes might vary from one to another. For this reason, the pictures representing our products are not contractual.


By booking your ticket(s), you agree to be bound by our terms & conditions. Please note that we charge 10% for cancellation fees.

Cannabis Fine Dining - 25th April 2020

  • Ticket includes:


    £100 per person - very Limited spaces -


    6 unique plated courses infused with high quality terpenes, concentrates, rosins, oil and flowers processed in Organic Livity Lab, plant-based menu designed by not only one of London’s leading plant-based chef but unique in its kind.


    Sidney is surely a food revolutionist, setting trends, combining cannabis, healthy Patisseries, vegan desserts, organic plant-based food and indigenous knowledge, no surprise why they call him, The Wizard.


    - Secret location


    This distinctive, sophisticated and complex food experience is designed for only 21 people. Please note that our creations are always personalised to your needs so let us know if you have any dietary requirements/allergies when booking.


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