Cannabis Fine Dining, the finest.


100% organic. plant-based. gluten-free


.Cannabis Liquor “Crème de la Crème” Coconut Punch - an old recipe crafted by Sidney Marton


.Plant-based haute cuisine


.Organic wines & artisan Cheases


.Premium terpenes


.Plated food  & infused from selected flowers extracted in our Lab-House


.Indigenous knowledge & Conversation





Fusing indigenous concepts with innovative and modern techniques, what we try to create is a dining experience that encompasses all the senses and evoke emotions.

Sidney's events offer an unique atmosphere, an opportunity to trigger your senses, explore natural ingredients, Ital-ancient cuisine, Rasta lifestyle, spirituality and its surroundings, through a contemporary fine dining experience.


A night where knowledge of food, herbs, subconscious energies and medicines are shared in the great comfort, a little heaven.

Each dishes are constituated with high quality ingredients and organic cannabis flowers so as to maintain the level of excellence therefore, each craft takes time. Sourcing ingredients, dish-developing, and problems solving.

Focused on unique plant-based haute cuisine, each plate has its own story and the full concept is simply in symbiose with the Universe’s law.


This is clearly a different approach,

Understanding dining experience as an experiencial affair not as food business.


Free from junk, wheat, gluten, soy, MSG and chemicals.


Ticket includes:

£100 per person - very Limited spaces -

6 unique courses infused                                                                                   with high quality terpenes, concentrates, rosins, oil from flowers processed in Organic Livity Lab.

Plant-based menu designed by London’s leading plant-based Chef.

Food revolutionist, setting standards, mastering superfoods, healthy Patisseries and vegan gastronomy. 

Secret location

Time: 4.20pm-9.30pm

Dress code: Smart

Not permitted: smoking inside.



This distinctive, sophisticated and complex food experience is designed for only 21 people.

Please note that our creations are always personalised to your needs - let us know if you have any dietary requirements/allergies when booking.






Cannabis Fine Dining 2021

£130.00 Regular Price
£100.00Sale Price


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