Organic Livity

Premier Organic Pâtisserie

Our pâtisseries

Our raw cakes are organic, vegan, sugar free, gluten free, dairy free with also nut free options available.

London Finest handcrafted living food.

Those beautiful treats do not contain perishable products, such as dairy or eggs, this is the reason they can last for up to 7 days in your fridge!

We only use natural ingredients, such as superfoods, exotic fruits and spices, nuts, dairy free mylks and are suitable for paleo, kosher & diabetics. Rediscover the real nature of taste...

We do NOT use agave, maple syrup, rice malt syrup, wheat and soy products. All raw treats are low in fructose, calories and are sweetened with Raw Yacón syrup and natural sugar occurring from fruits.

Our individual slices of cake are large serving size with approximately 16 slices.

Our pâtisseries look beautiful, taste incredible & do you GOOD. What else?